Need To Tear Down An Old Wood Fence And Get Something New?

27 April 2023
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Do you have an old wood fence that is an eyesore that needs to be replaced? If so, meet with fencing contractors to get different costs for replacing the wood. There are many different fencing options available, including a vinyl fence that looks like real wood but is easier to maintain. Choosing the right fencing material for your home will be based on the type of fence you need and the aesthetic that you want. Read More 

What To Expect With The Vinyl Fence Installation Process When You Get Your First Backyard Fence

14 February 2023
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If you've decided to get a vinyl fence for your backyard, you may wonder about the installation process. While you might install a vinyl fence yourself if you have DIY skills, you can hire a fence contractor to do the work and order the correct supplies. If you don't have a fence at all yet, you may need to clear your yard in the area where the fence will go. Read More 

4 Factors To Keep In Mind For A Front Yard Fence

13 December 2022
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Fencing in your front yard is a bit different than putting in a backyard fence. Front yard fences tend to serve a different purpose than those in the back. There are also concerns with maintaining the curb appeal of your home and the neighborhood when the fence is the first thing visitors see, so special care should be taken when choosing the right fence. The following can help you plan out the design if you dream of a home with a picket fence. Read More 

Is Your Wood Fence Too Rotten To Repair?

3 June 2022
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If your wood fence is faded and falling down, you may wonder if it is possible to repair it. If your fence is affected by wood rot, you may want to go ahead and replace it. The wood may be too badly damaged to simply repair. The following information can help you decide whether or not to repair your fence or replace it with a new one. Does Your Fence Contain Wood Rot? Read More 

5 Things To Look For In Vinyl Fencing

29 April 2021
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Not all vinyl fences are created equal. Be sure to choose a fence that looks good and that is made to last for many years. 1. Reinforced Walls Many vinyl fences on the market now come with reinforced walls. These typically have a metal ribbing inside that provides additional structural support. The benefit of wall reinforcement is that you won't have to worry about impact damages or cracking as much since the fence panels aren't hollow. Read More